Кухмистерская «Фон Вакано»

Von Wakano’s Kochmeister House

Alfred Von Wakano’s restaurant, or “Kochmeister House”, is a monument of architecture of 20th century.

The building was bought in 2006 within our investment program. Design of restoration works was completed in 2008, but financing was suspended and the building was put on conservation until 2015; the work resumed in 2016. The building is an object of cultural heritage of federal value. Following the project the ‘eating house’ will be adapted for modern use and will include areas for entertainment infrastructure, a restaurant, a bar, exhibition space and showrooms.

Charity Foundation

In 2013, the Managing Company of “PromTechRecycling” LLC and the Regional Charity Foundation “Samara Gubernia” organized a charity program “Nikolay V. Taran’s Family Foundation” focusing on social support and protection of citizens.

The program goals include improvement of material status of people with low income, social rehabilitation of the unemployed, people with disabilities and other persons who are unable to implement their rights and lawful interests due to their physical and mental needs, and assistance to motherhood, childhood and fatherhood.