The company is located in the city of Togliatti of the Samara Region.

In the Soviet period, the facility was a division of one of large chemical plants, but during the Perestroika, it was separated into an independent organization (an experimental shop) where scientific research was performed and developments were implemented.

The major activity of the company is manufacture of a broad range of lubrication materials (solid oils, konstalin, grease molykotes, graphite lubricants, lithium greases, phiole greases, etc). The partners and customer of JSC “Phosphochem” include large Russian and international companies working in such areas of industry as machine building, mining, railroad and agricultural industries. The range of products of the company includes over 30 positions.

A milestone in the development in the company is the year 2013, when copper electrical refining shop was commissioned to manufacture copper cathodes. The production capacity of the new shop is 12,000 tons per year. The next step in the development of the new facility was the launch of the new production facility of copper-based non-ferrous alloys and rolled products in 2018 with the production capacity of 10,000 tons per year.

Modern equipment and cutting-edge technologies ensure high quality of our products.

Developing the technologies of recycling, JSC “Phosphochem” makes its contribution to the protection of environment.