Open joint-stock company “Microprovod” Plant was plotted on the industrial map of the USSR in 1956 as the country’s only company to produce thin and extra-thin enameled wires made from copper, resistance alloys and precious metals – products that were highly important for the economy. The company still carries its status to the XXI century.

The first products of the plant were enameled wires that used oil-based lacquers. At the same time, the plant started manufacturing wires coated with polyvinyl acetate lacquer that ensured higher mechanical and electrical resilience at lower thickness.

Rapid development of national electrical machine and instrument construction demanded production of insulated wire of newest generations; and in the 60’s, the plant offered enameled wires with polyether polyetherimide insulation.

Development of computing equipment, automation and mechanization of equipment, advent of robotics and miniaturization of equipment raised the need for highly durable enamel-insulated wires and unique micron-gauge wires that are several times thinner than a human hair.

Today, OJSC “Microprovod” Plant is a company that supplies to the manufacturers of computers, automatics, mechanization and robotics. It produces a complete range of grades and gauges of general purpose and specialized enameled wires suitable for application at temperatures from 105°С to 300°С that are used worldwide.

The company manufactures wire with diameters from 0.014 to 0.300 mm from copper, brass, bronze, manganine, constantan, and nickel-plated copper. State-of-the-art technology and new imported equipment enable manufacture of products meeting international standards of quality.